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A New Hope


Below Article was published in Slovakia for better visibility of VOCA extended.

„New hope for disabled people“

Finding a job has always been more difficult for disabled person than for healthy one. There is an intense competition at labor market and employers prefer less troubled employees. Virtual work from home can be a solution for both sides. They can do job which they used to do before but they won’t work in office but at home. To do this they need to communicate by e-mail or telephone. Requirements for this work are higher than for casual work.



Knowing these circumstances, project VOCA Extended- Increased accessibility to vocational training and increased attachment to the labor market for disabled people through the VOCA Europe 2 Mentor Model has been developed. The project VOCA extended is based on transnational partnership. The concrete aim of this project is to train mentors (who are also disabled) and consequently support (home based) employability of disabled people by means of mentoring. Slovakia is represented in this project by COOP Institute of Education, a.s., which has a wide and valuable experiences in international project activities.

Nowadays VOCA extended partnership is developing 10 e-training modules for future e-mentors. These e-learning modules are aimed at preparing mentors for all phases of the e-training process so they can really help the mentees in their future career. All modules also wiil have a short test to assess understanding by the potential mentors and ability of potential mentors to teach target group. After this course it will be easy to start working virtually as a mentor on home-based principle, as you will be furnished with well background for the purpose. All you need is a World Wide Web connection, VoIP communication tools and a computer.

For more information please contact Slovak partner COOP Institute of Education, a.s. www.vic.sk   or check VOCA extended project website www.vo-ca.net

Slovak version of this Article is available at: